A Global Framework for Pest Management Standards

The professional pest management industry protects homes, businesses, and people from risks associated with both pests and pesticides. In October 2019, the Global Pest Management Coalition created a task force to create a set of standards that can serve as a framework all around the globe and give the Global Coalition members a tool that can be used to promote legislation in their countries and professionalize the pest management industry around the world. To call ourselves professionals, we must define what that term means for our industry. These standards detail a system that can be used to ensure pest management professionals around the world are prepared to do their important work through training, experience, and the support of an employer that must also meet certain criteria. The levels described give professionals career milestones to aspire to. They can also be used as credentials that the industry can use to define and celebrate professionalism.   Members of the Standards Task Force at NPMA's PestWorld 2022 conference in Boston, MA


The Global Pest Management Coalition operates with the mission to act as a unified voice and promote the value of professional pest management, ensuring the protection of health, home, and businesses. While the Global Pest Management Coalition supports this framework, these guidelines are not intended to preempt existing laws or regulations, including existing standards developed by pest control industry associations. This framework should not be construed as standards of the Global Pest Management Coalition or its member organizations.

For countries that have established legislation, regulation, practice, and certification programs in place, this document can serve as a reference. All numbers such as years or hours are meant to be a minimum. If a country has higher requirements, that is commendable. This document should be read with interest, looking for opportunities for alignment. The standards presented here are not intended to replace existing systems.

All countries that have a regulatory framework in place require training. This document can help specify what the content of that training should be, who should deliver it, and what needs to be done to ensure professionals stay informed of changes in the industry. The Global Coalition hopes that associations and companies alike will use this information to create high-quality training to educate the next generation of professionals.

Most importantly, this document is for countries that do not have any regulation over their structural pest management industry. This document gives industry leaders a full framework with which to start working with regulatory agencies to put a system in place that defines the competency/experience, minimum training, knowledge, and continuing education/training and re-certification required of pest management professionals; the basic requirements a company should meet; and what should be included in the documentation of services performed. It is important to define professionalism through a system like the one presented here so that customers can make informed choices and trust the companies protecting their homes and businesses.


Standards Task Force


"As Chairperson of the GPMC, it’s been an honour to see the amazing team of hard-working passionate individuals of the working party produce the first Global Industry Standards. This document further proves the maturity of the GPMC and the broader pest control industry. On behalf of the GPMC, I would like to thank the working party for their hard work."

~Vasilios Tsoutouras
Chair, Global Pest Management Coalition


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German translation available soon.

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